Group Health Insurance

We Know Group Health!

Sansevieri Insurance works with groups ranging in size from 1 to 2000.  We represent all major carriers and provide a wide array of benefits from medical, dental, group disability, group life and more.  We have long standing relationships with third party administrators for Section 125 plans and COBRA administration. We are your one stop-benefit shop and provide excellent customer service – just call us and a live person will answer the phone and help with any issues that may arise.

FREE Small Group Quotes

To obtain a free group quote we will need a census which includes:  Employee name and dependent names (if any), date of birth for employee and all dependents, zip code and employee status.  Disability insurance quotes also require annual salary figures and job description to ensure a proper quote.  Call or e-mail us today at (949) 722-6078 or

Group Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a valuable employee benefit that can help you recruit and retain your most valuable asset…your employees.  We know the challenges you face in offering a competitive employee benefits package while balancing expenses.  We also know that for many employees, the only life insurance they have is the life insurance they receive through their employer…and they consider it a valuable benefit.

Because every group is different, we take the time to find the right plan for your group. To find out more information, or just check out the rates for group health insurance, please call us today.

Get your free quote today by calling Sansevieri Insurance at (949) 722-6078. Health care experts serving Laguna Beach and all of California.